About Me

How Everything Started

In 2002 I had a blog called “Moderate Design”, under at www.moderatedesign.com, but after I let it expire, the domain was kidnapped by evil spam-pirates and remains under their control to this day. Now I’ve reanimated the name, under the .org TLD, and my plan is to use it as a combination blog, and the online home for my eponymous design and development company.

What Stewartspeaks do?

I offer straightforward, affordable solutions that meet my clients’ needs.

The services that I offer are simple and affordable, and they work really, really well. If your organization needs a website or print design, or if you need a custom application developed,

I’ll help you solve the problems that you care about, not the problems that expensive web-designers wish you cared about. Visit my services page to see what I can do for your organization, or contact me for more information.

Who’s Stewartspeaks?

I’m an experienced designer and web developer, living in Boston, MA with my fiancé and our two cats. I spend my spare time fiddling with random computer projects and reading about ethical philosophy and cognitive science.